Our community projects connect participants to the land through STEAM and TRADE based learning projects.  Group development workshops and activities are included using a mix of experiential activities and primitive and other outdoor skills to learn about yourself and your team in a new way.


Through research and professional development, we teach the next generation of creative professionals and leaders how to lead sustainably with Nature Awareness and Mindfulness as part of the mix. Our programs are well-received by under-served youth, ex-military, and former inmates.

With reading and writing added to the mix, participants develop vital skills such as problem-solving, communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation.

​Our partners are global leaders using ground-breaking methods to create a more sustainable future.  ​TED Fellows, an acoustic pioneer, world peace leaders, permaculture experts, award-winning producers, civil engineers, and more.

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Learn about eco-friendly products and services from our Ecopreneurs.


Taste the difference with food from our organic gardens.  See how we recycle and repurpose, and how our green construction efforts using solar, wind, 

and geo-thermal all work together to save money and lessen our carbon footprint.

Our team is known to tirelessly and passionately, inform and educate people about the importance of doing more with less.

Good for you, and good for the planet. 



Learn how permaculture design helps to create food production systems that can be operated permanently while regenerating rather than degrading our natural environment and resources.

Our urban Makerspaces offer a place to relax and learn about permaculture, where you will see firsthand how natural, and eco-friendly design practices create a complete, self-sustaining ecosystem that includes wildlife, water features, native plants, vegetables, herbs, fruit, and nut trees, and more.



Learn the difference between honey bees and native bees, and the importance of helping native bees, essential to our continued survival, health, and well-being. Not only do they pollinate most of our flowering plants, but their bodies also feed other wildlife, and their ground-nesting behaviors aerate and enrich soils that enrich and sustain our lives.

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The core role of the animals (chickens, ducks, rabbits, worms, and/or goats) is to eat the by-products of our crop production and assist in weed control and grass maintenance. With our gardens on the same site, nothing is wasted from our animals. Their manure is put to good use in returning fertility to our soil and keep food waste out of landfills.