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Bees at Work

Westside Bee Boyz 

Chicago's Honey Palace

Providing outstanding honey and bee made products to Chicago through entrepreneurship and urban beekeeping.


Our Goals

Located in the heart of Chicago’s Westside,  Westside Bee Boyz, LLC is uniquely positioned to serve as a business incubator and learning lab.  By incorporating sustainable methods into neglected and abandoned properties, Westside Bee Boyz serves as an Urban Action Center for sustainable community development and an urban outpost for midwest permaculture studies. 

Beekeeper at Work

Urban Beekeeping

Honoring Mother Nature

Urban Beehives produce healthier and more productive bees due to the access to greater biodiversity, resulting in a more varied diet and stronger immune systems



Fostering Economic Development

Urban farms support social, environmental, and economic benefits to the communities they serve.

Urban Technology

Fostering Innovation

Inspiring the next generation of farmers and beekeepers and empowering young ecopreneurs with experiences and research opportunities through open-source TRADE & TECH initiatives.

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